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Carnaval 2024

Our Parade is making a big return this June 2nd, from 2:00-2:30 pm. Don't miss performances by Samba Viva, Open Circus, Grooversity, Master Brad, Barranquilla Flavor, Cofradia Cultural, Tunaltit-Sol, and the Girl Scouts.

They'll be dancing, singing, and offering a great time!

Right after the parade, we will kick off our amazing presentations. Grooversity will keep the energy up, Samba Viva will offer a dance class, and Let's Vamos will keep you moving. Sinha Capoeira, RumbaNama, Los Nitidos, Timba Messenger, and Tunaltit-Sol will all be on fire!

For activities, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the best entertainment for the whole family, including: a Fire Truck, All Court Enrichment Tennis, Mudflat (Hands-on clay), Event Them, Somerville Youth Soccer, Parks and Rec, Cataldo Ambulance, Parkour, Kiwanis (Bike Helmet Giveaway), and of course, Esh Circus and the Dunk Tank.

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