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East End Grille

Areas of Improvement:

  • Align the menu design with the blackboard look that is already a signature look for the restaurant. Organizing the categories so they are easy to understand and sell.

  • Creating a similar design look for take out menus

  • Creating table tops to announce special events. Repaint the existing table tops to create the blackboard look of the restaurant.

  • Creating signage on the Glen side of the building to promote parking and make the restaurant more inviting. We suggested to create a mural by a local artist to make the restaurant pop up!

  • Get a sandwich board to boldly announce specials and attract customers.

  • Set up some tables for larger groups. Create marketing specific for larger groups of employees to go to the restaurant after work. We also suggested making or getting room dividers to make space feel cozy on slower nights.  

Menu Template:

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