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International Film Festival

at Chuckie Harris park

We are excited to turn the Chuckie Harris Park into an outdoor movie theater!

International Films Festival at the Park is brought to you by ESMS in collaboration with the Arlington International Film Festival and the Somerville Media Center.

See you July-September!

Movie Night #3:
September 6, 2019
Rain date September 7 2019
Activities start at 6:00 PM
Movie starts at 7:00 PM
Arlington International Film Festival Youth Film Shorts

The Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) through its Student Filmmaker’s Program, seeks to honor what young filmmakers, 18 and younger, are bringing to the screen with their agility of mind, inventiveness, and passionate idealism. Through the medium of film, we are seeing students take stock of the diverse array of social issues here and around the world and mobilizing to illuminate and act upon the interconnections we share. AIFF is pleased to provide a platform for these young filmmakers to speak out, communicate and forge alliances rooted in mutual respect, while synthesizing different experiences and points of view. Through the screening of these films, we encourage young filmmakers to share their vision and perhaps encourage the creation of a better tomorrow.

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The Art Collector Poster AIFF.jpg

The Films

  • ·         Trejur (10 mins) - is a hand-made, fantasy, stop motion animated, The story questions how desperation can transform us into                                                   something we never thought ourselves to be.

  • ·         Undocumentary (11 mins) - A discussion on how the lives of many undocumented people now hang in the balance.

  • ·         The New Life: Ivette Alvarado (4:16 min) Having fled the civil war in El Salvador, Ivette reflects on Canada's role in the refugee crisis and her philosophy on a good life

  • ·         The Art Collector (5 mins) - A mysterious woman uses her ability to live in paintings to influence artists for her art collection.

  • ·         Violence in Baltimore (21 mins) - high school students, searching for real-world strategies to prevent violence from escalating                                                                           among their peers and their communities. 

  •           The Art Collector (5 mins) - A mysterious woman uses her ability to live in paintings to influence artists for her art collection.

  •            The Story of Glenda King (5:24 min) - Glenda lived in her car for years and has since moved into a cold, dark basement apartment in Brampton, Ontario

  •            Magician (5:55 min) - Arrogant magician learns a tricky lesson.

  •            Ebi Sushi (6 mins) - A Latino restaurateur’s challenges of being recognized as a major player in the sushi world

  •            What Now - (3:07 min) - Stand with the outcasts or refrain.

  • ·         Awaken the Dragon together (6 mins) - Dragon boat racing began over 2,000 years ago on the rivers of China. 

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