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Solar Workshop - August 22

Join us and our partner Resonant energy to discover the various ways you can go solar affordably in Somerville!

We will be at Mudflat Studios (81 Broadway, Somerville) on August 22 at 6 pm for a fun Solar Workshop.

We will explore the Solar Access Program, a no-cost solar hosting program, as well as Solar Up group purchase, that gives you 100% of the electricity savings and helps you secure time-limited incentives. There is still time to sign up for these programs!

If you can not attend the event, drop by during office hours to ask questions: 

  • ESMS office: 114 East Broadway, Somerville (Tuesday, 5-7 pm)​

  • Resonant Energy Office: 44 Moultrie Street, Dorchester (Wednesday, 4-6 pm)​

Our goal is to get 20 houses in Somerville signed up for solar by August 31, 2017. For each home going solar, Resonant Energy will make a donation to East Somerville Main Streets !

Sign up and get a free ticket for Foodie Crawl! 

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