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Pearl Street Tattoo Club

76b Cross Street
Somerville, MA 02145

10 AM - 6 PM Tuesday - Saturday


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We deeply love tattooing here at the Pearl Street Tattoo Club. There are not many autonomous decisions you can make to permanently change the way you look, and respecting those changes is very important to us. While we love tattooing, we remain aware of the problematic history and the issues present in tattoo culture today. As such, having a tattoo shop that openly expresses our values is necessary! We want people to feel welcome, respected, and safe in our tattoo space. All are welcome, always!

This is why the pearl street tattoo club will always be: 

Anti-racist, pro-LGBTQIA+, anti-transphobic, anti-misogynistic, body-positive, pro-science & disability, and neurodivergent-friendly.

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