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Community Donors

East Somerville Main Streets would like to thank the following individual donors for contributing!  We would not be able to support the community without our friends and neighbors.

The following individuals have contributed this year:

Emily Ackman 

Vito Aluia

Alice and Kenneth Atwood

Jennifer Atwood

Jenifer Brown

Dana Day

Edgar Diaz

Bonny Carroll

John Carlson

Mary Cassesso

James and Jeanne Cavanaugh

Caitlin Fortin

Kathleen Hartke

Amy Horton

Anne Howarth

Dolores A. Lapiana

Paula Magnelli

Miriam McLean

Cory Mian

Ron Miles

Jacquelyn Miller

Katie Milton

Karen Molloy

Devon Moos 
Liza Littenberg-Tobias

Elizabth Perlman

Ellin Reisner

Cheri Ruane 

Caroline Sikes

Polly Stevens

Kristen Strezo

Patricia Toner

Sylvia Walker

Becki Warshow 

Jake WIlson 

Teresa Wu
Evelyn Yamauchi

Emily Yoder

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