Broadway Brake Mural (2020 - Pending)
Learn more about the proposed Broadway Brake Mural Here!
Mount Vernon Restaurant Mural by Brian Hart - Completed October 2019
This mural is funded in part by a Somerville Arts Council Grant and with support from Mount Vernon Restaurant and Pub
Murals brought to East Somerville by the Somerville Arts Council's Street Art Project
Calo Rosa Mural created in 2019

"This piece was created for the El Salvadoran and Central American friends in Somerville, its a portrait of my friend Bianca Rosalia surrounded by elements from the tropical flora native to ES.

As many other Central Americans, Bianca represents the resilience and commitment to thrive in a different environment. 

It includes flora that is easy to recognize to Central Americans: Flor de izote, the national flower of ES, hojas de guineo that are use to cook and make tamales, and birds of paradise flowers. 

This elements bring us back to the days where we where in our hometowns, in the mountains or the coast, playing with our friends surrounded by life full of color. Bianca is wearing Mayan "ruler" earplugs as a reminder to recognize where we came from to know who we are, bigger that any government, bigger than any frontier or division. 

wherever we are, the colors and energy of the tropics will always come with us." - Calo


Calo Rosa mural at 52 Broadway (Somerville Communications) completed in 2019

Murals created in 2018 as part of the Somerville Art's Council's Street Art program:

Angurria mural at 112 Broadway (above Ola cafe) completed in 2018

David Zayas  mural at 44 Broadway (Taco Loco) completed in 2018

East Somerville Main Street community murals:
Meagan O'Brian Lombadi Mural
Commissioned by Federal Realty Investment Trust (Assembly Row)
In 2019 local artist Meagan O'Brian was commissioned to paint a mural to replace the printed mural that had deteriorated.  Meagan included several East Somerville icons in her mural including the triple decker houses, Chuckie Harris Park, Mudflat ceramic studios and "hello" in Spanish, Hatian and Portugese representing our diverse community in East Somerville.  In June 2019, Meagan included a "Community Paint Day" and invited members of the community to come out and help complete the mural.
Somerville Media Center Interview with artist Meagan O'Brien
Community Paint Day June 2019

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