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In-Kind Donation Wishlist

Any donation helps!

Small Items (we always need these)

  • Paper goods: napkins, plates and paper towels

  • Printer paper

  • Printer ink (HP 414A)

  • Painting supplies (paint rollers, large brushes, mixing trays, painters tape, tarp)

  • Extension cords

  • Decorative flags

  • Measuring tape

  • Gift Cards or value items for raffle prizes


Larger One-time Items

  • Fireproof safe

  • Ladder and/or stepstool

  • Metal or plastic shelving

  • Large plastic bins

  • Event tents for booths at Carnaval, Pet Parade and other outdoor festivals

  • Folding tables for events

  • Folding Chairs for events


Consider a cash donation:

  • $100 pays for 50 event posters.

  • $200 pays for 20 Tee Shirts (for our volunteers).

  • $250 pays for one A-frame sign (Small Businesses, Clean-up Day and for Foodie Crawl).

  • $600 pays for a mariachi band at one of our events.

  • $1,000 pays for a small part of a public mural.

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