Broadway Brake Mural

This mural is extension of local artist Meagan O'Brien's Lombardi Mural at the underpass next door and features transportation iconography and wayfinding text.



Thank you!

A BIG thanks to our volunteers and donors who have helped us reach our goal and complete this new mural!

Thank you to the following donors:

  • Broadway Brake Corp

  • All She Wrote Books

  • HIghland Development

  • Michael and Amy Henson

  • Barbara Cassesso

  • Devon and Jesse Moos

  • Brad Chapman

  • Erica Jones

  • Liza Littenbeerg-Tobias

  • Andrew Arbaugh

  • Caroline Cohen

  • Sarah Lynch

  • Daniel Osborne

  • Matt McLaughlin

  • Emily Yoder

  • Allie Webster

  • Christina and Chris Ciampa

  • Katie Milton

  • Ronald Neppl

  • Ann & Phil Ercolini

  • Christine Butler

  • All She Wrote Books

  • Katherine Lindahl

  • Jeffrey Siegel

  • Robert Patacchiola

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