Broadway Brake Mural

East Somerville Main Streets is raising funds to pay for a new mural on the retaining wall at Broadway Brake (45 Broadway) in East Somerivlle!  This mural will be an extension of local artist Meagan O'Brien's Lombardi Mural at the underpass next door and will feature transportation iconography and wayfinding text.



The overall project wraps around the wall! (BIGGER AND BETTER)

We need your help!

Total Project Goal:   $6,000

Currently Raised:     $2,500

Need to Raise:          $2,500 to start work

                                   $6,000 to complete full scale

Thank you to the following donors:

  • Broadway Brake Corp

  • All She Wrote Books

  • Michael and Amy Henson

  • Barbara Cassesso

  • Devon and Jesse Moos

  • Brad Chapman

  • Erica Jones

  • Liza Littenbeerg-Tobias

  • Andrew Arbaugh

  • Caroline Cohen

  • Sarah Lynch

  • Daniel Osborne

  • Matt McLaughlin

  • Emily Yoder

  • Allie Webster

  • Christina and Chris Ciampa

  • Katie Milton

  • Ronald Neppl

  • Ann & Phil Ercolini

  • Christine Butler

  • All She Wrote Books

  • Katherine Lindahl

Thanks to Broadway BrakeALL SHE WROTE BOOKS and all our donors for helping us reach the first phase  goal of this project!  Meagan O'Brien will be able to start work on the mural soon!

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