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2018 Projects:

Project 1: Ola Café
ESMS partnered with Thrive Hive to host a marketing seminar for small business owners. As a result of this meeting, Ola Café connected with a graphic designer to increase Ola’s online presence with a new logo launched in March 2018
Project 2: Sullivan Square Liquors

ESMS helped the owner of Sulivan Square Liquors brainstorm solutions to displacement from their longtime location. Once a promising new location was in the works, ESMS helped Sullivan Square Liquors with the liquor license hearing. The new location opened in February 2018.

Project 3: Taqueria Monte Cristo
ESMS collaborated with Taqueria Montecristo’s owners and a local artist to create a new, welcoming mural on the outside wall and make interior upgrades. Afterward, Taqueria Montecristo was listed as an iconic place to visit in East Somerville as part of a local photo series. 


Project 4: Shaddai Boutique and Decorations
Assisted owner of Shaddai with initial storefront designs and improvements and lease mediation as part of long term business plan. The owner was interested in the Somerville Storefront grants but would be unable to access that program without a long term lease that the building owners was originally unwilling to grant. ESMS mediation between the two parties clarified the potential improvements that would benefit all if a lease could be agreed to. ESMS assisted Shaddai in several good faith efforts to demonstrate Shaddai's commitment to improvement which resulted in the long term commercial lease being signed
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