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2022 Projects:

Project 1: Rei Da Picanha   

In July 2021, East Somerville Main Streets (ESMS) helped Marlene with an outdoor dining application for the City of Somerville. ESMS provided language support and coordinated with architects, leading to the approval of her application in June 2022. Throughout the process, ESMS continued to assist with updates and meetings to ensure success..

Project 2: Recinos Cafe

In July 2021, Josef, owner of Recinos, came to East Somerville Main Streets (ESMS) for a business name change and health license renewal. ESMS confirmed the required information with the City of Somerville and assisted Josef in submitting his applications via Citizenserve in August 2021.

Project 3: Rincon Mexicano

Since August 17, 2021, ESMS has assisted Lorenzo with renewing his health license and navigating various applications, including workers' compensation affidavits, COVID relief opportunities, temporary food permits for Carnaval, and a 2022 Outdoor Dining license via Citizenserve. They also included Rincon Mexicano on their hiring page to support Lorenzo's staffing needs.


Project 4: Marlon’s Barbershop

In July 2021, ESMS collaborated with Marlon's sign contractor company to obtain updates on Marlon's sign permit status. By August 2021, ESMS contacted the City to expedite Marlon's sign permit application. In December 2021, ESMS assisted Marlon in designing and printing Price Lists and Service Lists signs for his business.


Project 5: Taqueria Montecristo

ESMS supported Marlo from November 2021 to May 2022, securing grants, assisting with permit applications, photographing for a new website, and connecting him with COVID relief resources. They facilitated successful applications for the Empower Digital Grant and Biz M Power grant for new signage.

Project 6: Susanita's Fiestas

In early 2022, ESMS helped Susanita's Fiestas and Pedro LaTorre with grant applications, including round 3 relief funding and the Empower Digital grant. They facilitated additional funding applications in March and assisted with utility bills for Susanita's in April. Throughout May and June 2022, ESMS collaborated with Pedro and Susanita's to finalize their website with the digital provider.

Project 7: Fadil African Hair Braiding

In early 2022, ESMS collaborated with Fadil on interior signage for their new location at 2 Broadway, connecting with a graphic designer in February to create and approve artwork based on Fadil's input. ESMS then facilitated estimates from printers and assisted Illi in obtaining his Certificate of Good Standing from the state. The new signage was ordered on March 11, 2022, and in May 2022, ESMS included Fadil on their hiring page.

Project 8: Instant Shoe Repair

ESMS helped Sammy launch social media for Instant Shoe Repair in early 2022, creating a strategy with weekly training. They set up a Facebook page, provided posting tips, assisted with internet support, and featured the business in their May 2022 newsletter. They also discussed event participation options for 2023 post-Carnaval.

Project 9: Ana’s Perfumes

In early 2022, ESMS reached out to Ana and Giovana, offering assistance. They identified marketing opportunities in March, collaborating with Ana on an image for an A Frame sign with a graphic designer by late March. Ana reviewed multiple design revisions in April, and the finalized image was printed and delivered on an A Frame to the business that same month.

Project 10: Additional Technical Assistance Provided

-Outdoor Dining Applications

-MGCC Small Business Technical Assistance

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