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We facilitate your connection to the business community by organizing and hosting meetings, and by bringing our expertise to further your networking.

Building connections with the business community:

  • We will create and facilitate a specified number of meetings either through workshops or one on one with individual businesses in East Somerville, throughout the year.

  • We will facilitate follow up with specific businesses that have expressed interest in your products.

  • We will create a campaign that targets your specific marketing or philanthropic needs. 

Strong presence in ALL of our events: Cleanups, Carnaval, Movie Nights in the Park, Foodie Crawl, Hallowen Block Party.

  • Posters.

  • Social Media campaigns

  • Large logo on event Check-In (three tents) and Information Tent at Foodie Crawl.

  • Prominent presence at Foodie Crawl event program and Movie Nights in the Park event program.

Strong presence in our website

  • Connecting each individual business with your logo.

  • Repetition of logo in over 90 pages

  • Your logo will be linked to your specific representative for easy connection.

  • Measurable analytics

Our goal is to make all of East Somerville a destination, both safe and beautiful!

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