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We will create a plan that works for your specific needs in these areas:

Connecting with the community:

  • We will create a strong connection between your company as a philanthropic donor, East Somerville Main Street, the East Somerville community, and business community

  • Our Partnership will have a strong presence in the marketing strategy for all the events we organize as well as in our website

  • We will tailor your presence in our campaigns to incorporate your marketing and PR strategies, through our online communication, existing events, and events created specifically for this purpose

Infrastructural Improvements:

  • Be mentionned as a sponsor of up to THREE murals in Kensington or Sullivan underpasses​

  • Improving Physical Connections- Benefit from PR campaigns connecting your brand to increased walkability, safety and beauty (murals and artwork) in all of the underpasses

  • Benefit from a comprehensive media campaign (digital&print) 


Our goal is to make all of East Somerville a destination, both safe and beautiful!

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