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East Somerville Goes Solar!

February 14th Business Meeting Notes

Mudflat Studios

Businesses present: Awards Unlimited, Tapatío, Taco Loco, Deano's Pasta, Rapid Retail Systems, Mudflat Studios, AJC2 Architecture



Resonant Energy's mission is to expand solar access to small businesses and homeowners and to address the climate crisis by empowering communities to take control of their own transition to clean energy. 

  • Solar panels can be expensive for small businesses, and so the Solar Access Program works with the urban layout of multi owned properties and reduces financial responsibility by giving solar access for no money down and leasing the roof to investors 

  • Participating small businesses will reap minimum savings of 10% on monthly electricity bill 

  • You receive a constant amount of Net Metering Credits that save you money, regardless of the fluctuating price of electricity

  • No upfront or maintenance costs, just 20 year contracted lease of roof and 25 year warranty of panels

  • Other programs include: Power Purchase Agreement and Community Owned 

  • Resonant Energy is offering to give East Somerville Businesses a financial prediction of their savings, side-by-side comparisons of programs, and a full assessment for free after signing their Letter of Intent.

  • Please contact Becky Wasserman at for more information 

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