Meal of Fortune Week: September 28th - October 4th

Let's support East Somerville restaurants! 

How it works: 

1. Order your East Somerville Meal of Fortune Ticket here.  As part of the ticket purchase process you will:

  • Complete the Flavor Profile Quiz which includes allergy, dietary restrictions and personality preferences to help us curate the best meal choice for you!

  • Confirm which day and time during the week of September 28th that you would like to have your meal (The fun is in the surprise of not knowing what you'll get)!

  • Confirm dine-in, take-out or delivery for your Meal.  Please note that delivery will be provided by volunteers to Somerville ONLY and so Pick-up and Dine-in is the recommended choice for your Meal.


2. A week before your Meal of Fortune you will receive an email confirming where and how to receive your Meal of Fortune​

3. Enjoy your personally curated East Somerville Meal!  Don't forget to share your reaction on social media!  


  • 100% of ticket costs will go to the small local business that you are matched with (cost of meal + tip to staff)!

  • An approximately 15-20% tip towards restaurant staff will be included in the ticket price of your meal.

  • Delivery will be an additional charge.  Meal deliveries will be provided by East Somerville Main Streets (ESMS) volunteers and so delivery charges will be considered a donation towards ESMS.  Delivery is offered within Somerville ONLY.  If possible, ESMS recommends choosing pick-up or dine-in options for your Meal.  

  • A $25 Meal ticket will feed approximately 1-2 people depending on the restaurant you are matched with.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing your ticket.  $25, $50 and $100 ticket options are available.

  • You will be matched with a more expensive restaurant based on the price point you choose and number of diners in your party.  You can also specify what type of dining experience you are looking for as part of the Flavor Profile survey i.e. more "upscale" or more "bang for your buck"

  • Multiple meals for Meal of Fortune Week can be purchased together or separately.  When you complete your ticket purchase, indicate what day of the week and time of day you want to have your meal take place. 

  • Meals can take place breakfast, lunch or dinner - choose when you want to have your meal when you order your ticket!

  • Additional donations to East Somerville Main Streets can be added on to your ticket when purchasing.  Donations help East Somerville Main Streets continue to provide community programs like this as well as support local businesses by providing technical assistance.    Donations are always welcome and appreciated! 


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Meal of Fortune Week is made possible by our sponsors:

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