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Jozy's Hair Salon

137 Broadway,

Somerville, MA 02145

(617) 625-1377

Mon-Sat 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

  • Brazilian hair salon​

  • Full body treatment -- hair, nails, facials and waxing 

Josy Interview

(November 20th 2019)

How long have you had your business in East Somerville?

  • Jozy’s hair salon has been opening in East Somerville for 13 years

What do you like most about being in East Somerville?

  • I like the location that you are and the community in East Somerville, Sometimes Brazilian clients have come to use our services.

You’ve moved your business next door – Why did you decide to do that?

  • I have moved from next door because there is a bigger space here. We have been looking for a big space like this for a while and the owner has this location available for us

What can clients expect when they book an appointment with you?

  • Our clients can expect great services that we provide and feel comfortable, they can also expect to feel good in themselves after our treatment services because we always do our best for our customers

What service do you offer at Jozy’s?

  • We have many services at Jozy’s such as nail salon, hair treatment, and facial treatment, we also do waxing service.

What is the best way for new clients to book an appointment or consultation with you?

  • Nowadays we have social media like a Facebook page (Jozy Hair Salon) and phone. We didn’t have social media before, but in this generation, it might be easier for people to contact and track us if we have one. Generally, we do a call more (617) 625-1377

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