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46 Broadway 

Somerville, MA 02145

(617) 625-3830

Monday - Sunday 7:00am - 11:00pm

The mural at 44 Broadway was completed by David Zayas in 2018

Interview with Benjamin Morales (Jan.,13,2020)

When did Taco Loco first open in Somerville?

  • Taco Loco first opened in Somerville about 20 years ago, there were a lot of Spanish speakers here and we wanted to bring Mexican food and flavors to the community.  The community has changed a lot over the years since Taco Loco has opened. 

With the expansion of Taco Loco just about how much more seating were you able to get?

  • There are about 35 more seating options available inside and 17 outside for when the weather is nice.

In addition, is there anything new to Taco Loco? Menu changes or different features?

  • We keep the same things on the menu because our customers call us and tell us to but we now included organic juice options on our menu and we plan to start our tortilla machine in two weeks.

What do you think has helped Taco Loco become so successful?

  • We have won a lot of recognition from “The Best in Boston” and Scout awards because we keep our prices low and our ingredients fresh. Our quality and recipes have mostly stayed the same because our customers often tell us they like the menu the way it is.   

Why is it called Taco Loco?

  • A traditional taco is made up of onion, cilantro, and lime but the idea to Taco Loco is to make your own. You can put whatever you want on your taco for the same price and that’s what makes a taco loco because it’s not traditional.

What is your favorite thing on the menu?

  • Breakfast is my favorite because we make eggs in five different ways. I like the huevos con chorizo and green beans, you can also add refried beans, plantains, and cheese. It’s a big breakfast at a low price. We use traditional Salvadorian flavors like the loroco flour in pupusas and the pacaya (green bean sauce). We also make our own Queso Fresco (cheese)! 

Is there anything about Taco Loco that people might not know?

  • We were one of the first Latino food businesses to open in the Greater Boston area.  We were also the first business to start the buffet-style offerings – to give our customers the option to customize their meals. Our family started the business in East Somerville because our mission is to support and be part of the community and make sure that our community stays happy. We want to eventually include a small café with organic Salvadorian coffee that grows in the mountains of El Salvador to bring more of that traditional flavor to Somerville. We like to give the local people here a taste of their home country. 

Is there anything you’d like us to highlight in our newsletter?

  • Taco Loco, Tapatio and Amigos are all truly local family businesses. My brothers and I who started the business all live in East Somerville and we wanted to start our businesses here, which have grown and succeeded because of the wonderful community here. In the mornings, I open the two restaurants, but my brother Carlos also has been a big help – he closes the restaurants in the evening.

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