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This Is East Street Banners

In recent years East Somerville has been seen as the gateway to the city and has undergone a lot of growth and change along Broadway. To help build our sense of place the new street banners depict portraits of real community members who live and work in East Somerville daily. Their faces are vibrant, active and diverse like the neighborhoods that exist here. Images were created by local Somerville artist Meagan O’Brien.

Ellin is the President of the Somerville Transportation Equity Partnership, and a longstanding Board Member of East Somerville Main Streets. She is an avid supporter of human rights, and works tirelessly on issues of equity, air and noise pollution. Ellin likes working in her garden, the East Somerville branch library, tasty East Broadway restaurants, and getting the Green Line extension built!

Ellin Reisner

JoJo is a lifelong East Somerville resident, who is involved with ESMS and SCATV. She was born to a large Italian family who encouraged her creativity. She first started photography when she was 11 and first started at SCATV in 1986, performing songs from her album "Still Yours". In 2003 she began producing over 100 TV shows with Somerville Producers Group. JoJo's favorite thing to do in East Somerville is go to Vinny's, where she can always count on running into friends or people she has a connection to, as well as meeting new people. Her children's TV show, "JoJo's DreamCart" has aired on PBS in Rhode Island and other media outlets. She is currently working on the next phase of the show. In addition to being on the banner, JoJo was also interviewed as part of our This Is East video project.

JoJo LaRIccia

Malik is a 15 year old Somerville High student, taking honors classes. He just received his Biology MCAS and scored high enough to be in the Advance percentile. He plays on the school's soccer team. Malik was a Counselor In Training for a few years in the summer program and also worked in the after school program with the younger grades. He likes to spend his free time playing soccer with his younger siblings and his friends.

Malik Dessin

Oscar Zelayandia

Odalis Fuentes

Valquiria Gouvea

Jimmy was born in Cambridge in 2006 but is in the third generation of Walker's raised in Somerville. He is a Webelos Cub Scout in Pack 3 of Somerville, where he loves to go camping and hiking. He is currently working on his Arrow of Light Badge and is working his way up to Eagle Scout. Jimmy also participates in Play Works at the East Somerville Community School, where he learns leadership and helps younger kids with games at recess. He is also involved in his student 

government. Jimmy loves his community and is very active in it, always walking around saying hi to people and playing in the local parks. 

Jimmy Walker

Wadson Michel

Réme began doing pottery in the early 1970’s at Mudflat Studio. During this time she was working full time as an Early Childhood Teacher and making pottery on weekends, school vacations, and during the summer. Réme also studied Improvisational Dance, and taught Creative Movement and Clay Workshops to children and teachers in the Boston area. In 2005 Réme retired from teaching Kindergarten in the Newton Public Schools and began making pottery full time at Mudflat Studio in Somerville. Since she retired, Réme joined the Clever Hand Gallery in Wellesley, a year round Artist’s Cooperative.  Réme also shows and sells her work at the Mudflat Gallery in Porter Square, Cambridge, and in the gift shop at the Fuller Crafts Museum in Brockton, MA. 

Reme Gold

Arnold Bairos

Rigoberto Serrano

Razzy and his twin brother are both kindergartners in the Somerville Public School System. He loves playing soccer, going to Chuckie Harris Park, and eating at Vinny's.


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