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East End Windows Exhibit

East End Winter Window

Show Now on Display


East Somerville Main Streets is excited to announce our new exhibit of Window Art now on free public display in in the windows of now-closed restaurant East End Grill at 118 Broadway.


Inspired by change of seasons in East Somerville we hope to explore the atmosphere and essence of winter. Whether traditional winter landscapes and imagery, cultural traditions of the season or introspective aspects the word brings to mind, please enjoy our local artist’s creative interpretations of this theme.  The exhibit features the following artist works:


LIGHTS by Abigail Coyle

Instagram: @osteoscintillica

For this exhibit's theme, I wanted to focus on winter in Somerville specifically, so I decided on the popular annual Illuminations Tour. This piece celebrates the sparkling lights, winding roads, and early winter snow of our city's amazing decorated homes. 

The Winter Art Collection by Kate Ryan

Winter Art Collection.jpeg

I created this series from my other passion in life which has been a 22 year journey for me: snowboarding. I have been in love with winter, creating art and poetry so this series focuses on combing those into this mixed media photo, painting and acrylic paint series intended on blending color, text and a bit of surrealism into each one.   


Winter Vectors by Linda Sacenti

Among cities, Somerville in winter is spectacular because where can we put all the snow?  We must have the highest snow banks in Massachusetts.  Two of the images I’ve selected for this exhibit celebrate this.  The third was inspired by the North and South Korean skaters who competed in the 2018 winter Olympics, being cheered on by both nations.  Envisioning skaters communicate peace by etching a peace symbol into the ice.

Winterscape photos by Stan Eichner

My images advance an appreciation of the profound beauty of the world and underscore the critical importance of protecting our planet from thoughtless destruction – especially the current climate change crisis.

Frong Pond.jpg

East Somerville Photo Contest Winners


This exhibit features winning photos from the 2019 East Somerville photo contest and 2020 East Somerville Calendar.  Featuring photographs by the following artists: Deborah Pacini, Stan Eichner, Jeanine Jenks Farley, Emily Ackman, Bill Trudell, Julia Murphy, Michele J Martin and Benjamin Preston

Previous Exhibit - Summer 2019
Inspired by the annual SomerStreets Festival Carnaval held in June in East Somerville, local artists explore what “Carnaval” means to them.   For some Carnaval is a specific cultural celebration, for others, it is an aspect of community, culture or celebration.   

 Dancers by Katherine Martin Widmer
Katherine is a Somerville resident and art teacher of The School of Painting on Quincy Street in Union Square.  Which is now in its 40th year!
Katherine’s wide range of subjects span decades and her artwork hangs in homes all over the world.

Leaf by Abigail Coyle

Abigail has lived in East Somerville since 2002 and loves art and plants. 
This trendy tropical leaf reflects the wild color and pulsing energy of the Carnaval celebration: big and bold, hot and cool, sparkling and multicolored, more is more!"
GDuehr Saints #3.png
Saints by Gary Duehr  
Artist Gary Duehr has lived on Oliver Street in East Somerville for about 20 years, and that’s where his photo series Saints was taken. 
About Saints

These religious statues in the front yards of Somerville, MA, are like colorful relics of past generations, a way of life that is slowly vanishing.  In some statues the chipped plaster and peeling paint show the passing of time, while in others the lush gardens and elaborate displays attest to the owner's care.  My close-up photographs document their flaws as I try to make eye contact with each icon, as if in communion.
Honk by Stan Eichner 
This image from the Honk festival shows the essential excitement and joy of a Carnivale -- people singing and musically celebrating community.
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