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Local Business Resources:

East Somerville Main Streets works with local small business in East Somerville to connect them with the resources they need.  If you are interested in small business assistance, please contact us at East Somerville Main streets for a free consultation to help connect you to the resources that you need.

Commercial Leases 101:

Watch the video of the April 8th, 2020 Webinar with Harvard Transnational Law Clinic for tips and suggestions for negotiating your commercial lease or download the slides here.

Lease Workshop Flyer.jpg

Women/Minority Owned Business Certification

Watch the video of the April 23rd 2020 Webinar in partnership with Lawyers for Civil Rights and the Welcome Project download the slides here.

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Other Resources:

Starting a business
  • City of Somerville Guide
  • Financial Assistance
  • Business Development & Support
Licensing and Permits
Marketing​ Resources
Workforce & Staffing Resources
Social Media
Space Resources
  • Looking for space​
  • Problem with current space
  • Energy Efficiency or Solar Energy
  • Storefront Improvement
  • ADA and Accessibility

Business to Business Partnerships

Business to Business Partnerships are composed of businesses with expressed openness to helping local businesses thrive. In a recent aesthetic renovation of the Somerville restaurant Rincón Mexicano, Kevin Jackson crafted wooden tables, Tresfort Metals created modern lighting, Cambridge Reprographics printed signage, and PSG Framing provided prints and lovely framing for a polished finished. All these gorgeous pieces came together to form one beautiful and cohesive restaurant.

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