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Marketing Resources

Marketing 101 Intensives

East Somerville Main Streets will come to your business and evaluate your marketing efforts.  ESMS also can provide assistance with updating online profile information, setting up social media profiles and drafting press releases.  Schedule one today.

Small Business Marketing Check-list:

  • Do you have a logo and website?

  • Do you have a business phone number with a voice mail system that is checked regularly?

  • Do you have a business email address that is checked regularly?

  • Are your business hours posted externally?

  • Do you have both external and interior signs that display your business's name?

  • Do you have a list of services and offerings printed and displayed?

    • Consider having a copy of these in different languages and a LARGE PRINT copy for persons with disabilities

  • Do you have good photos of your business including:

    • Exterior​

    • Interior

    • Pictures of owner/head chef/staff

    • Pictures of products and/or services


Online Marketing Check-list:

  • Is your Google Profile up to to date?

    • Correct address and contact info

    • Correct business hours​

  • Is your ESMS Business Profile up to date?

  • Do you have a list of your services and products listed online?

  • Do you need an online reservation system?  Catering/Delivery options?

  • Is your Yelp profile up to date? 

    • Check to see what the reviews are - respond to good/bad reviews as needed​

  • Do you have a Facebook Page?

    • How often do you post?​

  • Instagram​

  • Foursquare

Press Releases

  • Send Press Releases to local press about openings and changes

Thrive Hive helps small businesses to market more effectively and increase their consumer base. They have worked with Somerville businesses and projects such as Olá Café, the Beautiful Stuff Project, Mount Vernon Restaurant & Pub, Rapid Retail, and more!

Economic Gardening: In partnership with Good Egg Marketing, a Boston-based marketing firm, the program will target Stage II Somerville businesses looking to grow. A Stage II business is one with between 10 and 100 full-time employees and over $1 million in annual revenue. This technical assistance will include a marketing audit; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis; a marketing plan, and further business plan analysis and recommendations if needed.

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