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Save the planet - Save money 

Attention Businesses and Residents - The Solar access Program 


Have you been turned away from solar before?

The Solar Access Program allows any resident to host solar panels in exchange for clean power and energy savings. By joining the program you can save immediately on your electric bill and support a local business. 


Solar is one of the best ways for businesses to improve their bottom line while demonstrating their commitment to the environment. The Power purchase agreement is a simple way to benefit from stable electricity rates that are 10% lower than prevailing electricity rates with no upfront costs! 

These are only two of many options that can help you take a step forward towards a a cleaner comunity while saving money. Schedule a consultation with a resonant energy member to further discuss avalable options and potential collaborations. Don't miss your chance to save the earth and your money! 

Help us raise $5000 for ESMS! Resonant Energy will donate $250 for each house that signs up for solar before August 31st. 

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