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East Somerville Taco Crawl 


This Taco Crawl is a tasting tour of our neighborhood's flavorful tacos. Come with your friends & family and join East Somerville Main Streets for the first-ever taco crawl on Cinco de Mayo and play a game of chance with our own version of the popular Mexican game Loteria.

Taco Crawl Route:


Taco Loco

Taco Loco hosts a mix of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine and has remained a staple in East Somerville for over 20 years. This new year, the family-owned business has now expanded to bring new seating for dining in options and will be operating their very own tortilla machine.

Los Paisanos
Los Paisanos offers a variety of Mexican and Salvadorian food here in East Somerville and it is well known for its modern interpretation of traditional dishes and the use of fresh ingredients.

Montecristo Taqueria
Montecristo Taqueria named after the famous volcano of El Salvador, is a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant known for its vibrant paintings, bright atmosphere and delicious food.

Maya Sol

From the authentic décor to the homemade horchata, Maya Sol is a lively restaurant home to a variety of Salvadorian and Mexican dishes.


Rincon Mexicano

Included in Boston Magazine’s list of 15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Boston! Try one of their unique Mexican cocktails or an imported beer.

Los Paisanos Taco.png

Missed your chance to get tickets to our Taco Crawl?
Don't worry, grab your friends and family and plan your own! Click here to download our recommended Taco Crawl guide.


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