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Community Meetings

East  Somerville's frequent community gatherings bring together East Somerville Main Streets with neighborhood leaders, Somerville residents, and city representatives to discuss the most recent developments within our district. Here are the most recent meetings:

Kensington Underpass

A discussion with the citizens and representatives to discuss priorities for the underpass and present current plans.

Last meeting: June 20, 2018 at 50 Middlesex Ave at 6:30 pm




Developments on Broadway


30-44 Broadway: Taco Loco & Sullivan Liquors

Proposal: 6 story building with basement parking and ground floor retail space including a restaurant. 2nd floor includes office space and micro park. 3rd-6th floor contain residential units with micro parks scattered throughout. 


Last meeting: Jan. 9th at 165 Broadway at 6pm 



118-120 Broadway: East End Grille Proposal

Proposal: 3-4 story L-shaped building with division of the current East End Grille into two long, narrow commercial spaces with entry on Glen Street. Building would include 1st level parking and 2nd- 3rd floor residential units. Most recent revisions include the addition of trees along the property line on Glen Street.


Last meeting: Jan. 10th at 165 Broadway at 6pm 



67 Broadway: CAS Foundation Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Proposal: CAS Foundation proposes a state-of-the-art medical marijuana dispensary that will offer safe, legal access to patients while rigourously enforcing medical marijauna regulations.  Their package of community benefits includes: on-site Security, Employment Opportunities, an Advisory Board, Corporate Citizenship, and a Host Community fee agreement which will return a percentage of the proceeds directly back to the city of Somerville.

Last meetings: Jan. 11th, 19th, and 25th at Mount Vernon Restaurant at 6pm



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